Technology and Infrastructure

Supported by over 300 skilled employees, highly trustworthy a compact and dependable working team, Cityneon Prima Mandiri is independent in exhibition construction activities. We are here for you 24/7 when needed and we’ll have our contact center and liaison officer ready at your service.

Our head office in Jakarta represents the axis of our high-tech business. With the massive traffic jam in Jakarta, it is not an obstacle to have your destination of work plan in place. This will certainly be not a hindrance.

Our 10.000 m² workshop is full equipped with the latest technology of machinery, sophisticated graphic computers and transportation facilities which enhance our working mobility. We are facilitated with a highly organized network all over the world.

We have developed a widespread, efficient and close-knit network, especially in Asia. The sky is not the limit and we are unlimited to getting you into the European lands as we have executed several programs there also. Whatever your demands are, we have them available and in ready stocks. Panel, furniture, ornamental plants, refrigerators, air compressor, audio-visual equipment, lighting equipment and kitchen appliances, just to name a few items, which they are all accessible in the quantity you require to sustain your exhibition needs. This is not only limited by editions and claims here but we can provide other needs to support your requirements also.

We do our work in a professional job along with a personal touch.