Exhibition Construction Services

Cityneon Prima Mandiri, an exhibition construction expert, provides a wide and broad range of various interrelated services. We are able to plan and build a broad spectrum of high-tech displays for high class, professional companies. We examine all viable possibilities in order to satisfy your unique needs for professional originality with our personal touch of distinction. Our professional staff and technologically advanced infrastructure equip us to serve you in realizing your goals and building a better future.

Tell us about your company’s vision and mission, and the goals you are aiming and we’ll related that to your targeted special events, grand opening, sales promotions, campaigns and product launching, and we will bring out our best services for your company.

The services we provide covers much more than the following:

• Project planning and event management consultancy

• Special & General Design and construction works

• General event organizers’ state department official services

• Individual special design services

• International Conferences

• International Trade Fairs

• Interior design & construction

• Launching events

• Signage and sales displays

• Graphic and illustrations

• Temporary hall exhibition

These are to name such a few Cityneon Prima Mandiri with a motto doing a Professional Job with a Personal Touch, is continuously committed providing the best service. We are the most reliable partner in reaching your goals.