Creative and Design Ability

Our aim is to deliver the best in creativity and quality design workmanship with originality. Exclusivity is also one of our distinct essentials if required by our customers. The advancement of technology and the ever increasing demand for excellence have motivated Cityneon Prima Mandiri’s to grow strongly fulfilling your needs.

Our work procedures, craftsmanship and new updated technology application is at par to meet the required standard set by the company or customers. Our designers are able to generate artistic and creative innovation in every exhibition shows. We strive and endeavor to provide added-value touches of creative genius in serving you and attracting visitors. Our inspired, goal-oriented designers and their innovative use of our sophisticated, high-tech equipment enable us to bring you the best in world class exhibition design

From a team of graphic designers, interior designs, pavilion and even seasonal booths or displays and decorations are just some of our programs to offer you. We discuss your dreams and desire and realize them in the form that is aesthetic as well as tangible in our customers’ eyes.