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Selasa, 07 Juli 2015 - 07:52:00 WIB
Give Visitors What They Want
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There are a lot of reasons that people attend a trade show. Some may be direct customers and clients looking for something specific in order to fulfill a distinct need. Others may be industry professionals who are trying to stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in their field. As an exhibitor, your job is to determine what attendees will be looking for, and then to provide them with it in the most interesting, unique, and memorable way possible. That will help you to close deals, form connections, and stand out in the minds of the people who matter to your business.

Free Stuff

Everybody likes to get something for nothing, so fulfill this innate human trait by giving the crowd tons of free merchandise. There are numerous useful products that you can get printed with your company name, contact information, and online details. These include things like shirts, caps, pens, calendars, fans, and note pads. Wearable schwag will be a walking advertisement throughout the day, while more functional products may end up in potential customers homes, subtly reminding them that you exist every time they are put to use. That builds good will for your company while expanding your marketing reach considerably.

Great Ideas

People who go to a trade show are looking to see something new. They can walk into any store or go online and see last years products. They are at the trade show because they want to be on the cutting edge, getting a sneak peak at the innovative new designs that will set trends for the industry in the coming year. This is a great opportunity for you to unveil new ideas and offerings that your company has been working on. You can also offer sneak peeks into the future with conceptual showcases to build market excitement. That will not only build buzz, but also help you to stand out from the crowd, giving you a distinct place in people’s minds.


Being innovative is great, but you also want to excite people about your company, and what you do. Presentation matters, and you have to approach a trade show with enthusiasm and delight. This should carry through to any marketing materials you generate, as well as to your employees who will be spreading your message to visitors throughout the show. You don’t want to just show people what you have to offer. Instead you should demonstrate the possibilities, and inspire them to take part in the journey that you are on.


One of the more subtle benefits of exhibiting at a trade show is the ability to associate a face with your company. People don’t like dealing with impersonal corporations, and they prefer organizations that have a human touch. By getting out there and meeting your customers and clients, you’ll form a relationship which will make them trust you more, which will in turn make them more likely to do business with you. You’ll also have the ability to connect with other industry insiders, which can result in collaborations and referrals in the future.

A Great Experience

A trade show should be a fun, exciting, exhilarating experience for the attendees. You want them to associate your company with positive feelings. In order to do this you should have a thought out display booth exhibition design, that is functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Marketing materials should be attractive, and you may even want to have events such as contests or giveaways in order to generate excitement from the crowd. It’s also important that your staff is gregarious, outgoing, jovial, and engaging, in order to create the proper atmosphere.

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