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Senin, 29 Juni 2015 - 03:38:24 WIB
Exhibition Preparation
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What things that need to be prepare when you want to exhibit?

This is a following tips to describe someone about how and what they needs to be prepare to make a Booth design, Stand design and interior decoration exhibition stand in an exhibition event with a lot of similar companies who participated.

Set a goal, first thing first!

You can talk about the goals or targets you want to achieve by the contractor or agency exhibition contractor. A stand booth should have a definite purpose before following exhibition event, perhaps following goals could give a clearer example, what your objectives for attending an exhibition:

  • Sales
  • Promotion of products / services
  • Customer Service
  • Looking for a partner or project
  • Big sale
  • Other purposes.

In general, the purpose of the exhibition is for sales promotion, marketing, sales, and around it, but did not rule out the possibility there are other objectives that want to be able to accomplish in a single exhibition, prepare all the resources to support the achievement of each of these objectives.

Following preparation of Exhibition Contractors Exhibition

Booth design or Stand design should not move your store or office into an exhibition arena, create different shades, unique and offer the "more" to stand your booth visitors.

You or your partner exhibition contractors can prepare:

  • Customer Service Desk
  • Portfolio company (brochures, CD, etc.)
  • Living room, serves to talk or presentation of products
  • Shelves discounted products / clearance
  • Standing banner
  • And so forth as needed.

Each element or display shall be able to clarify or amplify the initial purpose of visualization. Exhibition of professional contractors who know what they should do about it, your job is to communicate as clearly as possible about the purpose and the factors important what you want to convey to visitors of the exhibition.

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