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Senin, 22 Juni 2015 - 06:25:37 WIB
Ways to Measure Tradeshow Success
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After a tradeshow is over, it’s important to do a number of things according to exhibition design, including follow up with leads you’ve been able to generate. It’s also important to do a post-mortem analysis to see what went well and what did not. By doing this you can uncover opportunities and determine how to extract even more success from the next event you participate in. Here are some things to consider in determining success levels.

Expenses vs. Profit

How much did you spend on your tradeshow display, related marketing material, participation, giveaways, staffing, flights and accommodations, and so forth? These things are an expense, yes, but some are expenses that could pay dividends going forward. New relationships, new opportunities, and partnerships could come out of the event. In addition, things that you invested in, such as your tradeshow display, could be reusable if you bought the tradeshow display rather than renting it. If you had banners printed they could be used internally and at other events, too.


How many leads did you get? How many turned into customers. Even if they didn’t buy immediately, that doesn’t mean those leads can’t still be converted through a longer sales cycle.

You might not see a direct boost in your sales right after an event but if you manage your marketing efforts carefully you can find ways to see if sales do result via coded e-commerce efforts with coupon codes, link tracking, etc. your individual salespeople can also quantify lead sources.

Opportunities for the Future

Have you gained new Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube followers related to your trade show participation? If so, that’s a good thing that could bear fruit over time. What about your website? Have your traffic levels gone up? Did you create online marketing campaigns around your participation in the event that have borne fruit?

It’s not always easy to quantify participation in a tradeshow because brand recognition isn’t always measured by website hits or by an increase in sales but you can do a lot of measurement and analysis that shows more than just bottom line profits by participating. Marketing is an ongoing effort and all your efforts to increase brand recognition can take time to pay off.

If you’ve recently attended a trade show and paid attention to the environment you’ve also gained valuable insight into your industry and you’ve gained expertise that you can apply to future trade shows so that you continually boost success levels and learn from missteps as well.

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