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Senin, 08 Juni 2015 - 02:05:39 WIB
How to Motivate your exhibition stand staff?
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Motivating your exhibition stand staff is all about how you brief them about the company or the product before and during the show according to the exhibition design. By sharing your exhibiting objectives, explaining what you expect from them and training them properly, your exhibition stand staff will have purpose and commitment to what you are trying to achieve. They will take it seriously and experience the benefits and rewards of successful exhibiting long after the show has closed its doors.

Make sure:

  • They are confident, are good communicators and know the products and services – train them
  • Provide a hit list of prime prospects that you have identified from the visitor profile and classify the types of prospects you are looking for by categorizing them in to A, B and C
  • Motivate the stand staff with personal goals and incentives
  • Give them reward or prize
  • Keep the inform of the team performance throughout the show
  • Give them regular breaks off the stand to soak up the atmosphere of the event – this is a great motivator if they know they are doing well and can see other exhibitors struggling. It will also keep them fresh and alert
  • Your exhibition stand staff are your company ambassadors – make sure they realise how important they are to the success of your exhibition.

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