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Senin, 11 Mei 2015 - 02:19:26 WIB
Factors to Consider in Exhibit Design
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Ever notice how some companies manage to pull in all the traffic at trade shows and public exhibitions? Chances are the ones that do are the one who take several important factors into account when working on their exhibition design.

If it’s time to make your company stand out as the booth drawing the most attention, here are some factors to consider when mapping out your next exhibit design:

The structure – Selecting the right structural design is the backbone for creating a winning display. Keep in mind the size restrictions of where you’re going to display and get creative in that space. If there is a lot of room to work with, consider a larger truss design or if the display is meant to stand for a while or will be used frequently throughout the year, a larger double deck could make a great choice.

The lighting – This is critical for helping your display stand out. It won’t matter how great your graphics and visuals are or how wonderful your freebies, if people can’t see in your exhibit, they won’t stop.

The visuals – Now, about those visuals. Work with your exhibit design company to create graphics that will catch the eye from across a large room. If you really want to stand out, your visuals have to, as well. Consider interactive options, flat-screen TV presentations and other visually catching choices.

The message – The entire display should come together to convey the message your company is trying to get out. Whether it’s helping you brand your entire enterprise or you’re promoting a particular product or service, make sure the design and feel fit the message you want to send.

The freebies – Don’t forget to prepare plenty of handouts and giveaways. Whether it’s simply literature about what you do or you plan on giving out goodies, such as pens, magnets or other items, making sure people leave with something in their hand is a great way to get them to remember you.

Coming up with a great exhibit design takes careful planning. Make sure to work with an expert in the field to get the greatest impact for your time and money.

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