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Senin, 20 April 2015 - 09:06:26 WIB
Facts About Interior Design
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Facts About Interior Design

Design interior combines furniture, fabrics, colors, textures and styles that are carefully selected to craft a specific look in your home and in each individual room. The same room can look completely different with each combination to satisfy the tastes of the room's occupants, and to provide the most functionality for their lifestyle.

Structural Design

There are two types of interior design: structural and decorative. Good structural design is based on simplicity, good proportion, appropriate materials and suitability for the way the room will be used.

Decorative Design

Good decorative design is based on appropriateness to the basic structure, good placement and proper proportion.

Design Elements

There are four basic elements of design: Space, form, line, texture and color

Design Principles

There’s seven design principles are:

  • unity,
  • balance,
  • focal point,
  • rhythm,
  • scale and proportion,
  • color,
  • and details.


All the elements and principles of design are applied within the style of the room, whether it is Contemporary, Victorian, Colonial, Country, French Provincial, Traditional, Eclectic or another style.

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