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Selasa, 21 Februari 2012 - 04:36:09 WIB
5 Healthy Reason About Coffee
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Jakarta, Although caffeine can cause anxiety and insomnia in some people, but has unique properties such as coffee contains more powerful antioxidants than any other source in the daily diet. According to some researchers, the benefits of drinking coffee with a little sugar far outweigh the negatives.
"Coffee beans are one of the most difficult plants to be sprayed with chemicals, so the coffee is usually free of chemicals," says Beth Reardon, a director at Nutrition for Duke Integrative Medicine.
Here are 5 reasons to drink coffee most surprising Caring quoted as saying on Tuesday (2/21/2012), among others:

1. Coffee may lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes
Many research results have shown that, for coffee drinkers without sugar, the less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. According to one study, postmenopausal women who drank at least 4 cups of coffee a day had less than half the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
In fact, each additional cup is estimated to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 7 percent.The study was conducted by Australian researchers in 2009 and has been published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Coffee thought to increase the body's tolerance to glucose by speeding up metabolism and improve insulin tolerance.
Coffee consumption increases levels of a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which appears to offer protection against type 2 diabetes in people who have certain types of genetic mutations.

2. Coffee may fight cancer cells
There has been evidence that coffee may protect against certain cancers, possibly by increasing DNA repair. Several studies have found an inverse association between coffee consumption and risk of liver cancer.
Researchers found similar benefits from drinking coffee than other forms of cancer prevention. In 2011, the Harvard team found that women who drink several cups of coffee a day had a lower risk of endometrial cancer.
Another study at Harvard in 2011 reported that, for men who consumed six cups of coffee a day, the risk of lethal prostate cancer is fully 60 percent lower, and the risk of any type of prostate cancer is 20 percent lower.
Other studies have linked coffee drinking with reduced risk of colon cancer, rectal cancer, oral cancer and esophageal cancer. Coffee contains hundreds of chemical compounds, including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compound that can reduce the damage marker for inflammation.
Highly active antioxidant compounds, such as methylpyridinium, is found almost exclusively in coffee, because the process of roasting coffee beans. Espresso has 2-3 times the amount of anticancer compounds.
3. Coffee may lower risk of dementia (dementia)
Scientists still do not fully understand what causes brain changes associated with Alzheimer's disease. But scientists are learning more about risk factors for dementia and drinking hot coffee seems to reduce the risk.
People who consume 3-5 cups of coffee a day 65 percent less likely to develop dementia.The researchers believe the antioxidant properties of coffee can work to reduce the forms of vascular dementia. Drinking coffee has been known to protect against type 2 diabetes, chronic diseases that increase the risk of dementia.
Animal studies have shown that caffeine in coffee can increase the efficiency of the blood brain barrier, to thwart the negative effects of high cholesterol on cognitive function. It's also possible that coffee drinkers just have more energy and move more. Researchers have shown that exercise is also protective against dementia.
4. Coffee protects against Parkinson's disease
At least for men, it seems quite clear that coffee helps reduce the likelihood of developing Parkinson's disease. Compared with abstainers, those who consumed 2-3 cups of caffeinated coffee a day had 25 percent lower risk of Parkinson's.
The researchers are not sure about the protective mechanisms, or even whether the compound caffeine is useful as a protector. Genetic factors may also play a role. A study finds that, subject to some type of gene called GRIN2A receive the benefits of coffee in the fight against Parkinson's nerves.
5. Coffee may lower risk of depression
According to a study by the consumption of coffee may reduce the risk of depression.Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health reported that, people who drank four cups of coffee or more per day had a 20 percent lower risk of experiencing depression. People who consume 2-3 cups a day had a risk about 15 percent lower.
There is also some evidence that coffee protects against depression in men. Drinking coffee may cause an increase in the short term for the energy and mood. Caffeine in coffee may be the substances that cause these effects. Harvard researchers saw a similar decrease in depression among people who drank caffeinated soft drinks.
Brain receptors that react to the caffeine found in the basal ganglia. Basal ganglia are part of the brain where the neurotransmitter important for depressive concentrated. Repeated receptor stimulation may help protect against the development of depression.

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