Cityneon Prima Mandiri started out in year 1986 affiliated with Cityneon Display & Construction Pte. Ltd. Singapore, a company that involves in interior architecture, thematic, events and exhibitions. Cityneon Display & Construction Pte. Ltd. Singapore had started out earlier in year 1962 in the same business we are currently and actively growing and in fact expanding. And now we are an independent entity, locally owned and managed and covering more than customer expectations. We are an international localized exhibition contractor offering a professional job with a personal touch. Our experiences have been over 30 years and cover a wide range of industries to serve from small to large markets as well from small to large showcases internationally and locally. As the motto goes “Experience is the Best Teacher” so goes we are as the best in our profession.


Exhibition Construction Services
Special Services
Technology and Infrastructure
Creative and Design Ability

Exhibition Construction Services

Cityneon Prima Mandiri, an exhibition construction expert, provides a wide and broad range of various interrelated services. We are able to plan and build a broad spectrum of high-tech displays for high class, professional companies. We examine all viable possibilities in order to satisfy your unique needs for professional originality with our personal touch of distinction. Our professional staff and technologically advanced infrastructure equip us to serve you in realizing your goals and building a better future.

Tell us about your company’s vision and mission, and the goals you are aiming and we’ll related that to your targeted special events, grand opening, sales promotions, campaigns and product launching, and we will bring out our best services for your company.

The services we provide covers much more than the following:

• Project planning and event management consultancy

• Special & General Design and construction works

• General event organizers’ state department official services

• Individual special design services

• International Conferences

• International Trade Fairs

• Interior design & construction

• Launching events

• Signage and sales displays

• Graphic and illustrations

• Temporary hall exhibition

These are to name such a few Cityneon Prima Mandiri with a motto doing a Professional Job with a Personal Touch, is continuously committed providing the best service. We are the most reliable partner in reaching your goals.


Reliability is one of our competitive edges in presenting you and your products in the most captivating way found by our great and highly skilled teamwork. The technical ability of our creative personnel in coordination with all of our other departments brings you a proficient and professional and reliable working team.

In realizing your goal of excellence we come as an experienced, trustworthy team determined to produce optimal results for you. Our years of exhibition construction experience and development of innovative design has formed us into a responsible team of professionals in many fields, primed to create the best for you.

Special Services

Cityneon Prima Mandiri, an expert in exhibition construction, completes you with broad and various services that are interrelated and integrated with your requests. From our Special Services unit, we are prepared to help you in planning and implementing audio visual presentations, building and showing the latest model and design works mechanism displays. We also provide other specific requirements to be fulfilled to your standards, again in its event architectures, thematics and events.

Just tell us your needs for these special services, grand opening, sales promotions, product promotion and launching campaigns and let us bring the rest and the best of you and for you.

Technology and Infrastructure

Supported by over 300 skilled employees, highly trustworthy a compact and dependable working team, Cityneon Prima Mandiri is independent in exhibition construction activities. We are here for you 24/7 when needed and we’ll have our contact center and liaison officer ready at your service.

Our head office in Jakarta represents the axis of our high-tech business. With the massive traffic jam in Jakarta, it is not an obstacle to have your destination of work plan in place. This will certainly be not a hindrance.

Our 10.000 m² workshop is full equipped with the latest technology of machinery, sophisticated graphic computers and transportation facilities which enhance our working mobility. We are facilitated with a highly organized network all over the world.

We have developed a widespread, efficient and close-knit network, especially in Asia. The sky is not the limit and we are unlimited to getting you into the European lands as we have executed several programs there also. Whatever your demands are, we have them available and in ready stocks. Panel, furniture, ornamental plants, refrigerators, air compressor, audio-visual equipment, lighting equipment and kitchen appliances, just to name a few items, which they are all accessible in the quantity you require to sustain your exhibition needs. This is not only limited by editions and claims here but we can provide other needs to support your requirements also.

We do our work in a professional job along with a personal touch.

Creative and Design Ability

Our aim is to deliver the best in creativity and quality design workmanship with originality. Exclusivity is also one of our distinct essentials if required by our customers. The advancement of technology and the ever increasing demand for excellence have motivated Cityneon Prima Mandiri’s to grow strongly fulfilling your needs.

Our work procedures, craftsmanship and new updated technology application is at par to meet the required standard set by the company or customers. Our designers are able to generate artistic and creative innovation in every exhibition shows. We strive and endeavor to provide added-value touches of creative genius in serving you and attracting visitors. Our inspired, goal-oriented designers and their innovative use of our sophisticated, high-tech equipment enable us to bring you the best in world class exhibition design

From a team of graphic designers, interior designs, pavilion and even seasonal booths or displays and decorations are just some of our programs to offer you. We discuss your dreams and desire and realize them in the form that is aesthetic as well as tangible in our customers’ eyes.

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